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Policy for Protection of Confidential Personal Information

This policy outlines the steps we take to ensure the privacy and security of all users of our website.

Payment Information

We exclusively use Braintree as our payment processor so that no payment information is ever captured by or stored on our server. Whether the user pays with credit, debit, ACH, or PayPal, that information passes through Braintree's servers rather than our own.

Personal Information

As a certified defensive driving school, we are required by the Arizona State Supreme Court to collect certain personal information about our customers, such as an image of their driver’s license and citation. To make sure these sensitive documents are kept safe and confidential, we require users to submit them through our website where they can be secured with end-to-end key-based encryption. Access to these documents is strictly controlled, and only authorized personnelare able to decrypt them.

Data Breach

In case of a data breach in which customer information is exposed, we will promptly notify all potentially effected customers at the email address they provided and take all steps to mitigate the breach and fix any vulnerabilities.Furthermore, we will contact the proper authorities to see whether legal action is warranted to pursue the perpetrators of the breach.